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Michael J. Fiore

Mike enjoys working with seniors and has a passion for helping people.  His experiences transporting seniors began when his parents,  James and Rose,  lived in a senior living residence.

Mike would regularly pick up his father and mother,  and their wheelchairs to take them to doctor appointments,  shopping centers,  family visits and wherever else they needed to go.  On Sundays, Mike took them to church,  then it was out for ice cream! 


Mike has worked as a driver for two local senior living residences.  He is careful that each client gets exceptional service based on their individual needs,  so that their ride is safe,  efficient and fun!  He is certified by the American Red Cross in CPR and First Aid.  He looks forward to helping you with all of your transportation needs!

Call 810-432-1028 to schedule a ride today!


"After watching my parents lose their mobility,  I witnessed how companies took advantage of seniors & how hard it was for them to get around.  I started  Handi Ride (previously Senior Shuttle Plus),  because there had to be a better way!  Since then,  my passion has been helping seniors & all people maintain their independence by providing safe, reliable & affordable transportation."  

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